Simplex, Multiplex, Distributed Water Loop Refrigeration and Refurbished Compressor Systems

Simplex Refrigeration Systems

The simplex system is fast becoming the most popular system to use during a phased revamp of an existing supermarket, as it is a single compressor unit coupled to a single cabinet or a short line-up. This allows the cost to be kept at a minimal amount while you work through your stores revamp one department at a time. This cost-effective system can be fitted with the latest energy-saving components to ensure that the costs saving continues throughout the lifespan of the unit.

Distributed Water Loop Refrigeration System

The distributed water-loop refrigeration system is the latest in energy-saving refrigeration systems found in the world. Each line-up/ section of equipment in the supermarket will be connected to its own smaller compressor which will only call for cooling when needed thus cutting the energy requirements used by the much larger compressors in the previously mentioned refrigeration systems. All these compressors are connected to a common cooling line that removes the heat from the compressors via the process of heat transfer with the liquid cooling agent used. This liquid is then pumped to a cooling tower outside of the store, releases the heat it has collected and once cooled returns to the various compressor to cool them once again. The effect cooling of the compressors ensures that they use as little energy as possible when performing their tasks.

Multiplex Refrigeration Systems

The Multiplex refrigeration is the original choice of refrigeration system not only in South Africa but the world. This tried and tested system works best when refrigerating an entire stores’ cabinets and cold/ freezer rooms. The multiplex systems generally consist of a medium temp rack (a number of compressors coupled together to run all cabinets and rooms from 0 degrees upwards) and a low temp rack (for the cabinets and rooms below 0 degrees). All the equipment connects to each system will share a common line of gas and will call for cooling via the expansion valve located in the cabinet or blower coil. The multiplex system offers great cost savings for energy consumption in larger stores and cold storage facilities.

Refurbished Compressor Systems

With the trying economic times facing all of us at the moment we at ROCS understand that sometimes the upgrades for refrigeration system desperately require is out of the price range of the available funds, however, ROCS has the solution with our refurbished compressor system. We at ROCS take our A-grade second compressor systems and completely refurbished them with the latest in energy-saving technology to ensure that the systems save the client money once installed. All our refurbish compressor systems come with our stamp of approval and a 6month warranty to ensure peace of mind.

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