Secunda Superspar was a new development, ROCS main focus was to supply an effective and reliant refrigeration system and was very involved in the store layout.

Refrigeration was shared by using multiplex and simplex systems to run the cold/freezer rooms, this was accompanied by a full self-contained water loop system to run all the display cabinets within the trading area of the store.

All display cabinets were fitted with Bitzer semi hermetic compressors and a variable speed drive with a PLC program. This allowed ROCS to maintain a better shelf temperature which in turn gave the stock a longer shelf life. The cabinets were fitted with plug and play refrigeration solutions making the maintenance of the system easier.

Cabinets were manufactured with stainless steel tubs, high efficiency coils and fans. Bespoke Cake and HMR cabinets were designed and manufactured to the customer’s preference. All hot cabinets are energy efficient and do not rely on hot water like most typical HMR cabinets.


  • Self-contained water-loop
  • Multiplex system
  • Simplex system
  • Hot gas defrost (jumbos only)
  • Variable speed drives
  • Bitzer semi hermetic compressors
  • Bespoke HMR cabinets
  • Full temperature and power monitoring

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