Saveways Superspar chose to take on a serious task by revamping their store and increasing the complete store size, service, storage, Tops and restaurant area exponentially. The customer chose the ROCS team to do a full turnkey solution which involved newly designed cost efficient refrigeration, and hot food systems with free hot water systems, heat recovery, commercially efficient AC units, AC ducting, fresh air supply and smoke / fire extraction. The client also had ROCS supply bespoke cabinets designed and manufactured locally and some units imported for their various service departments. All installations are quality checked every step of the way and are certified by the correct authorities, all with certificate of compliance attached.

The client also had ROCS supply bespoke cabinets designed, manufactured and some imported for their various service departments within the store. All cabinets are fitted with high capacity coils and fans to provide adequate cooling throughout the store.

On all low temp applications, the common and standard defrost heater elements were not utilized and replaced with hot gas defrost systems to prevent the high demand of electricity required for defrost. Upright display cases were fitted with ROCS newly developed electronic pricing and shelf lighting systems, this created a superior advantage for product display and sales.

All blower coils in cold/freezer rooms were manufactured with Stainless Steel material to prevent corrosion and eliminate gas leaks over the lifetime of the system.

Saveways Superspar is fitted with a newly developed ROCS BOX for full mechanical conditioning monitoring as well as the standard temperature and electrical consumption monitoring system, this is all monitored offsite.


  • Energy efficient multiplex systems (2x medium temp & 2 x low temp).
  • Hybrid condensers (Adiabatic wet pads) to reduce intake air temp.
  • Thermastor (Heat recovery) free hot water.
  • Capacity control (on all multiplex systems).
  • Temperature and power monitoring throughout store.
  • Hot gas defrost (low temp applications only).
  • Air-conditioning including design.
  • Ducting, fresh air and fire/smoke extraction.
  • Cold-rooms & freezer rooms (polyurethane panels).
  • ROCS lighting rail for (digital tags).
  • Bespoke HMR cabinets (cold and hot).

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