Ballito Kwikspar went through a complete refurb and was completely shut down to ensure the store carries the shopping experience for the area.
 We at ROCS Africa were fortunate enough to be awarded the following as part of the contract:

  • Refrigeration
  • Building Management
  • Hot Water Supply

For the store, we utilised one MT ROCS Pack using 3 Scroll Compressors (55KW at -8) and one LT ROCS Pack using 3 Scroll Compressors (17 Kw at -32 ).

Due to the efficiency of the system and all uprights having doors we are running on two compressors ONLY  Drawing 50 – 60 Amps for both Systems.

Running a floating suction enables us and ensures we have additional savings. Rocs Africa Implemented the Carel BOSS Control solution with controllers per Evaporator (Masters).

Utilising the Carel P Chrono we have interfaced to the following:
Lighting Control and Scheduling
Interfacing to the fire system to control Airconditioning in certain states of alarm
Carrier Cassette units – scheduling ONLY
Fresh Air and Toilet extraction Schedules

We have a total of 5 E loggers measuring the different PC and will additional data on Kw for HVAC, Refrigeration, Butchery, Bakery and General Applications. We have also integrated to the DSE generator control system to show our retailer diesel level and power usage.

The system provides our retailer with 4G Access from anywhere in the world and the ability to dial direct and check any alarms makes retailing with confidence that much easier.

The Spar Tops utilised two old simplex compressors and are running 30 Amps alone just showing the efficiency of the new system

We have 2 Solar Panels providing the Elements with power, utilising a Geyser Wise Controller to ensure we are at the right temperature at all times.

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