BRM situated in Mostyn Park, Johannesburg, is a small factory outlet supplying ribs and meat to the public. The factory opened a retail space, and gave ROCS the opportunity to introduce their aqua star refrigeration system to the industry. Each aqua star system is fitted with state of the art capacity control which allows the compressors to run down to 10% of its capacity.

Coupled with ROCS water-loop system allows the compressor to condense lower and gain more efficiency. The project design and running cost promised targets were met and the client has made running cost savings with a new modern design.

The store installed new display cabinets as well as utilized a re-engineered cabinet to help contain their budget restraints. All cabinets are fitted with hot gas defrost to minimize energy usage during defrost.


  • ┬áNew display cabinets (square glass deli cabinets, upright meat, glass door freezer, live wall)
  • Aqua star
  • Hot gas
  • Cold/freezer room panels
  • Capacity control
  • Water-loop
  • Re-engineered cabinets (wrap around)

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