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ROCS has been involved with this project for many years. From the first initial store opening many years ago, to the extension of the store and now to the replacement of the existing multiplex system. ROCS has had an ongoing relationship with the customer. The store currently shares a multiplex and water-loop refrigeration system. The current multiplex system is being removed and a new energy-efficient one is taking its place. The store is currently running on R22 refrigerant which is now being phased out due to the effects the gas has on the ozone. Latest low GWP refrigerants has been utilized and all previous lubricant removed from the piping. The store is currently being audited for a case study to show retailers the savings that will be made once the new system is up and running.

Achieved Target

R,136,330.00 Savings per month

Scope of work

The following points were highlighted against the store running costs before R.O.C.S implemented the following technical cost-saving strategies:

  • Energy Management and Reduction
  • In-House Workshop
  • Re-Location of Plant Room
  • Efficient Piping Design
  • Prevention measures for gas leakage
  • Re-Cycling of existing materials
  • Re-Implemented Training of Staff
  • Eradicated inefficient Equipment from other suppliers


Refrigeration Systems

(20%) SAVING

KVA Demand 15% Bill Reduction
(R18 000.00)
KWK Time of Use 20%
(R5 000.00)

Cold Chain Engineering Solutions

(20%) SAVING

KVA Demand 15% Bill Reduction
(R18 000.00)
KWK Time of Use 20%
(R5 000.00)

Air-Conditioning Solutions

(11%) SAVING

Perfected Operating Cost of Air-Conditioning
(R12 000.00)

Service & Maintenance Plans

(31%) SAVING

Controlled service and maintenance programmes and spares purchasing saving plan
(R18,950.00 p/m)
Supermarket maintenance covered by all in-house R.O.C.s managed technician
(60.8% Saving)

Merchandising Display Concepts

(80%) SAVING

Merchandising concept for salad bar deli Capital expense savings
(R160 000.00)


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