New and Refurbished Merchandising Display Concepts

New Cabinets

We have explored most supermarket cabinet manufacturers across the globe & we are able to offer you the best products for your investment. We follow the latest in European design trends and are constantly evolving using products that create seamless air-flow across the merchandise which allows the cabinet to keep a consistent temperature and minimize spillage, keeping already cool air in the cabinet which results in the compressors having to do less work across a 24 hour period. All these advances equal actual money saving for the retailer.


Refurbished Cabinets

With the turbulence of the current economic environment, we at ROCS know the importance of cutting cost wherever possible and focus on the importance to never cut quality in the process. Our refurbished cabinets are the perfect way to save money while improving your supermarket. We source top quality second-hand cabinets after which we strip the cabinets to a shell, replacing expansion valves, repairing and cleaning coils and completely revamping the exterior of the cabinet suitable for modern design.

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