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Achieved Savings



The following points are highlighted against the store running costs before R.O.C.S implemented the following technical cost-saving strategies:

  • Energy Management and Reduction
  • Capacity Control on all multiplex systems
  • Hybrid Condensors (Reduce Condensing Temp)
  • Heat Reclaim on MP Systems (Free Hot Water)
  • A&B Systems 50/50 Backup (Reduncancy)
  • Self-Contained Low Energy Display Cabinets
  • Hot Gas Defrost (No Heater Elements on Site)
  • R.O.C.S Intelligent IOT Control Box
  • Condition Monitoring System
  • Superior Design resulted in an increase in turnover and a decrease in losses.


Innovative Saving Solutions

26% Saving in Energy

Refrigeration Systems

Reduced operating cost due to system design and installation.
The shelf life on refrigerated products.

Air-conditioning Solutions

25% Reduced set-up cost
26% Reduced operating cost

Cold Chain Engineering Solutions

More stock in cold room on the same footprint highlighting the butchery department.

Service & Maintenance Plans

46% Savings on Maintenance and Spares

Merchandising Display Concepts

On-Going Replacement of plastic electrical pricing tags.