What our clients have to say….

Achieved Savings

R1.7 million capital equipment savings

Rosmead SuperSpar

Owner: Mario Santana, Scott Forest and Richard Fraser


  • Re-routed pipework to the top of roof
  • Maintenance costs for the refrigeration system were increasing and continuously high
  • Running costs of the system were high as far as KW output
  • No monitoring or alarms on refrigeration
  • There was no capacity control for energy efficiency
  • Electrical evaporator control was purely mechanical
  • Continous gas leaks
  • Continuous issue with oil and non-return
  • Installed 2 x new multiplex systems after 3 years of maintenance

Refrigeration Systems

R1.7 million CAPEX

Air-conditioning Solutions


Cold Chain Engineering Solutions

Require all cold chain processes

Service & Maintenance Plans

Require all cold chain processes

Merchandising Display Concepts

Repair and revamp cabinets.
New meat cabinets pending

Innovative Saving Solutions

BMS – Install BMS to control diesel
expenses – pending