Industrial and Domestic Air-Conditioning

Industrial Air-Conditioning

Cooling off your Supermarket does not begin at the refrigerated cabinets and backup rooms, but rather at the entrance of your store. For that reason, we have a dedicated air-conditioning team to help create a pleasant customer environment by adding a suitable cooling system into your store.

An air-conditioning system does not only create an environment that promotes a want for customers’ to spend time in the store, which directly increases their basket or trolley spend but it also helps with increasing the efficiency of the refrigeration system and increases the shelf-life of your stock.

Contact us to provide technical assistance on the best cost saving strategy for your store.

Domestic Air-Conditioning

Temperatures are steadily rising across the globe and therefore more individuals are installing air-conditioning units in their homes and offices. ROCS believes in doing things right the first time, therefore, ensuring a product that works efficiently for many years, we do this by correctly spec’ing the air-conditioning unit to suit the space and environment. At ROCS we have tested all the available units on the market and can recommend the best unit equipment to perform the task and to suit your budget.

We are available to quote and install across the country.

ROCS has a fully trained and certified service team to deal with any issues you might have in the cold engineering sector.

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